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Legal Services

Leg Injury

Personal Injury (insurance)

We offer services in all areas of insurance, including:

  • Automobile claims;

  • Slip and fall claims; 

  • Property and casualty insurance;

  • Life, health, long-term and short-term disability insurance;

  • Worker's compensation claims

With over 38 years of experience and training at the best Personal Injury Bay Street Law Firms in Toronto, our Senior Litigator, Brian F.P. Murphy, K.C., has been to every level of Court, Federally, and in 5 Provinces pursuing damages for Personal Injuries. His team, including Alexandre Robichaud and David Wheatley, will assess your case at no cost, pursue it with vigor, ready it for Trial if necessary and, with the full backing of experts hired to promote your case, make sure you achieve the best settlement or judgment possible in the swiftest possible time frame, and all at no cost to you.  


We will monitor your case and ensure you receive the ongoing treatment you need from your Section B insurance provider, your benefits provider from work, or the public health care system.  Expert rehabilitation, medical and chronic pain specialists will be engaged if necessary, as well as actuaries and other consultants needed to make that happen.  See us today for an in-depth, hands-on appraisal of your case.  Whether it’s a Slip and fall, product liability, or a motor vehicle accident, we can help.


Employment Law

If you have been let go from your work, it is important not to admit anything to your employer. Often, there is a break in employment that your employer may use against you in calculating your severance.  Often, your employer will only award half of what they know you are entitled to and expect you to accept because you fear that legal costs will eat up the rest.


More often than not, your employer will not include your full “pay packet” in the severance quotation. And all too often, your employer will make up reasons for your termination, stating that they have “cause” for your dismissal and depriving you of the severance, benefits, and  Employment Insurance to which you are entitled, and making it even more difficult to enter the work force once again.


We’ll perform a due diligence opinion on your eligibility for damages and are open to contingency fee agreements for the rest.  It is our experience that many employees do not seek lawyers and get short-changed in the process.

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Property and Commercial Litigation

For over 38 years we have gone to court against negligent Real Estate Agents, Brokers, home inspectors, and businesses in cases involving breach of contract, misrepresentation, and fraud. The business deal done on the “shake of a hand” is often the one that leads to the courthouse.  We can be there to protect you with respect to research, and vigorous representation in any Motions and Actions required to secure your position as to your financial stewardship, or to seek damages for being mistreated in the commercial world. 


Sexual and Physical Assaults

We have been specializing in court and administrative cases for years, starting with Kingsclear, Shelburne, the Roman Catholic Church and other institutions who let their chief personnel bully and/or physically or sexually assault their wards.  In many instances, this abuse took place within private families.


There are many protections for historic sexual assault victims and many guidelines and laws with respect to contemporary bullying that takes place in society, schools, sports groups and other areas.  We can help you navigate a claim for damages arising out of current or historic sexual assault, physical assault or bullying. Contact us and we will give you the protection you deserve.

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General Litigation


Criminal Law

We have represented many clients in criminal cases, from jaywalking tickets to assault, we promise that our well equipped team will thoroughly review the Disclosure and the latest caselaw so as to minimize the impact of any criminal charges against you or a loved one.

Family Law

Whether it is separation or divorce, a dispute over parenting time or decision making responsibilities, family law can be very complicated. We realize that the pie is only so big and that a family often has a finite amount of resources.  We will not obtain a healthy retainer and stop halfway through.  We will have an honest discussion about what we can do and how much it will cost, and give you the real story with respect to court appearances, separation agreements and full Divorce and Separation proceedings, which can often completely drain a family of resources so there’s nothing left to fight over.  Please give us a call with respect to your domestic and family law needs.

Immigration Law

Whether you are thinking of coming to Canada temporarily to work or study, permanently to work and settle, or you are already a permanent resident or citizen, if you are finding it difficult to deal with discrimination based on race or religion, we offer a broad range of services in this area.  From applications for permanent residence, Visas of all sorts and the various Provincial programs that offer permanent residence applications based on economic contribution, we also have appeared before immigration boards and the Federal court on behalf of refugees and persons needing the Court’s intervention to remain in Canada.

Wills and Estates

While not specializing in the development of Wills or the probating of Estates, we do take part in disputes regarding the construction and administration of Powers of Attorney or Estates, whether with a Will (probate) or without (administration).  We also deal with Dependent's relief legislation to make sure that Dependents are properly provided for under Wills and Estates law and to make sure that they receive all of the benefits from insurance policies and Canadian Government agencies that they are entitled to. This area of law can be complicated and if you have questions about end of life choices, organ donation or trusts for your underage, or unprepared dependents  we are here to help.

Municipal Planning and Development

Our principal, Brian Murphy, has a Masters of Law in Municipal Law from Osgoode Hall Law School and was himself involved in Municipal politics and civic politics for 12 years.  Our firm has prepared for and appeared for clients in front of Municipalities, Planning agencies and the Courts with respect to Planning and Development, project restoration, zoning changes and the laws of Municipal governance, land use, employment, Judgment debtors and constitutional matters as they arise.  We can advise you with respect to any difficulties you may have with boards, agencies and Municipalities.

Property Damage

Whether a neighbour or a stranger damages your property, your car or your reputation you can pursue the wrongdoer for damages.   Often insurance companies say they will cover you fire or flood loss but end up giving you the short end of the stick.  We will navigate these losses and make sure you get the damages you deserve.  Many companies do not pay Additional Living Expenses (ALE),  car rental costs, loss of valuable papers claims and do not inform you of your entitlement to same.   We will keep both private and insurance defendants accountable.  We do not represent, banks, insurance companies, governments or large corporations… we represent you.

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